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November 07, 2017 7:14 PM | Brandy Ludlam (Administrator)

There is a proposal going to the State Board of Education to amend Regulation 43-205. The purpose of this amendment is to clarify the duties of school counselors and give direction for professionals who are not properly certified. It specifically lists those duties that extend beyond the scope of guidance and counseling and are thus administrative in nature.

The amendment will expand on the EEDA law that states:

SECTION 59-59-120. Limitation of activities of guidance counselors and career specialists-   School guidance counselors and career specialists shall limit their activities to guidance and counseling and may not perform administrative tasks.

The wording of the proposed amendment (that impacts school counselors) is:

Pursuant to §59-59-120, appropriate duties for school counselors must be limited to guidance and counseling and shall not include administrative tasks. It is inappropriate for school counselors to serve as data entry, attendance, or records clerks; school-wide testing program coordinators; chairs of annual meetings for students with individual education plans or 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1974 plans; long-term substitute teachers; master schedule developers; and grade- or school-level discipline administrators.

We need to take action!!! Please let the State Board of Education know you are in support of the amendment! How???? Send a letter!!!

You can use the template attached, or draft your own letter. THE DoE will NOT accept form letters for public comment- so you need to make your letter uniqueby adding a sentence or two.



Send the letter AFTER WORK HOURS

Email your letter to Darlene Prevatt at BEFORE November 27.

Let's demonstrate a united front.

Please.....TAKE ACTION NOW!!

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