Post-Secondary Vice President

Hello PSSCA Members,

I would like to introduce myself as the Post-Secondary Vice President of your state school counseling association. The Palmetto State School Counselor Association exists to promote excellence in school counseling in order to enhance services to all students. As your Post-Secondary VP, my role is to advise the Governing Board  on issues, concerns, and innovations relevant to graduate students and counselor educators. Additionally, I hope to promote opportunities for graduate students and school counselor educators to share best practices and increase their involvement in PSSCA.

 I invite you to share any comments, questions, or concerns with me at any time so that I can ensure the PSSCA Board is aware of and able to address issues that are important to graduate students and school counselor educators throughout South Carolina. I hope you will assist me in recruiting more graduate students and school counselor educators to join so that we may grow stronger together. I wish you a successful school year and thank you for the work that you do for students throughout South Carolina!

Amy Milsom

Post-Secondary Vice President

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